Poker players who want some action in their game prefer to play Chinese Poker. It is a perfect game anybody can play. With the help of the internet, it is now available anytime and anywhere. Some people play this on their phone during long flights or when waiting at a hotel lobby. Like most Poker games, there are strategies you can apply to increase your chances of winning.

Keep your opponent in check

Taking the style of play of your opponent into account is crucial in every Poker game. As the game progresses you will learn more about your opponent if you pay attention to how he or she forms hands. Some players neglect the Front hand thinking it is the least important one. Take advantage of this and move some strength from the Back and Middle hands to the front. You can score easy points when you know how to adjust your hands.

Avoid invalid hands

Players often make the mistake of putting down invalid hands. It can cost a lot because it gives each of your opponents a chance to scoop. Do not be complacent and always double-check all your hands. The Back should beat the Middle and the Middle should defeat the Front.


Scoop or do not let others scoop

Scooping in Chinese Poker means winning all three hands. Experienced players aim to scoop because it is so profitable. It should be your goal, too. If you are unable to scoop, then at least do not let others scoop or it will cost you a lot. Most players build three decent hands of even-strength with their thirteen cards. Others create one very strong hand and two so-so hands. Having at least one very strong hand will prevent others from scooping.

Know where to place four pairs

Having four pairs in Chinese Poker is common. The ideal strategy is to put the best pair in the Middle hand. The second-best pair should be in your Front hand and the bottom two pairs at the Back. A strong pair in the Front hand is great protection against scooping. If you do not have a better hand, your best option is to put the second-best pair in the Front hand.

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