invisible ink marked cards

Card marking was always a way of cheating amongst popular card games, like poker. Most gamblers who love poker know that the easiest way to win is by marking a card. You can do this by marking the back of the card with needles or nails, bending the card, or removing lines or patterns. Today, these are not that effective, and you could even get caught cheating. There are numerous effective ways of marking a card, and magicians are using these methods as well. The most popular is by using a luminous invisible ink.

There are two ways of marking a deck of cards nowadays. One is by following the Ultimate Marked Deck, with four ways of marking. You can do the block-out, cut-out, hieroglyphics, or tinting. But one of the most effective is by using invisible ink. Learn more here.

How Can You Detect a Luminous Marked Card?

Some people would use a marked card to win a card game, while others use it for magic. Whichever the reason is, a deck of cards marked with luminous ink is always the best choice. Some people know how to spot an Ultimate Marked Deck, but some don’t. Are you willing to take that chance? If not, you should choose to use luminous ink instead. You can only detect this using two things, which are infrared glasses or a contact lens made to see invisible ink.

invisible ink marked cards

If you don’t wear glasses often, you should opt for a contact lens that sees invisible ink. Golden Sunshine provides the best marked cards, so you can only expect the best kind of marked deck of cards without bumps to determine if it’s different or not.

The Beauty of Using Luminous Card Decks

Some players are using poker analyzers, which are not allowed. To make things easier, a deck of cards marked with a luminous ink pen is much better. You can even mark the cards on your own, and it’s very easy. Golden Sunshine offers a luminous ink kit for those who want to try it on their own. First, prepare the materials used. The ink offered only works for red cards, so you must use a red deck of cards. Second, use the luminous ink pen to mark the cards. Mark it however you like!

Once you’re done, you will need infrared glasses to see your work. You should also purchase the infrared glasses or contact lenses along with the luminous ink kit. These are all you need to successfully win a poker game!