Every day, many new games are out on the market. With different features and themes that will entertain you. If one of your past time is playing online games, maybe you’ve already had an idea what is Pok Deng.

What is Pok Deng?

            Pok Deng is a popular Thai card game. It is also called Pok Kao. Pok Deng is one of the easiest games to play. It is the same as other card games that are using a deck of 52 cards. And has the same number of points. This game is featuring outstanding playing patterns. And can have an adjustable number of players. Ranging from 2-17 players including the dealer.

Playing the Game

            The play goes after the order the cards were provided. When the dealer gave out cards clockwise, the game will continue in clockwise order. Every player will have their turn. There they can select to draw an extra card or not. Those players who decided to draw must only get one card. This is on top of the draw pile. That will allow them to have 3 cards at one time.

The player’s beginning hand has a taem comprised of eight or nine. The player has a pok. The player must then show and announce the cards face up. For this is already considered a good hand. The player is no longer permitted to draw an extra card.

If the dealer has a pok, the cards are also rotated face-up. And compared against the hands of the player. When the dealer fails to check a pok hand. He can choose select players to give out their cards and compare before getting an extra card. And check it against the rest of the players.

The numerical score of the hand is called Taem. While the bet multiplicator is called deng. Players can either beat, lose or tie with. First thing, the players must weigh up the hand type, the taem, and lastly the deng. The players have the option to play many hands. For as long as the number of players will not exceed 17. Yet, the player is not allowed to share cards between hands. The players can also decide to bet on each hand.

The players have the option to play a single shared hand. Which should last in the center.  There are so many ways to play Pok Deng. For more detailed information you can visit ป๊อกเด้งออนไลน์.